Dragalia Lost Mobile IMG

Dragalia Lost has been a tremendous success for Nintendo and Cygames since its limited launch in September. Within the first two weeks, it outperformed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and went on to become Nintendo's second largest mobile launch in the US and Japan.

According to the latest data from Sensor Tower, the game has now grossed $50 million in player spending across the App Store and Google Play in its first 70 days. More than half of this (60 percent, to be precise) is tied to the iOS player base. In contrast, Fire Emblem Heroes - the most successful Nintendo mobile game so far - made $75.8 million in the same amount of time. However, Dragalia Lost is ahead in terms of revenue per download - with an average of $22 spent on the game per install compared to Fire Emblem players who have spent roughly $9.

Once again, the top two countries spending money on Dragalia Lost are Japan and the US. Japan makes up around 66 percent of total revenue (per install this equates to roughly $35) and the US represents about 18 percent of player spending, with the average of each transaction at the $10 mark. Currently, the title is ranked the 28th game on the Japanese App Store in terms of revenue, and in the US it's 116 on the charts.

Have you made a transaction in Dragalia Lost? Are you still waiting for it to be released in your region? Tell us below.

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