Bub And Bobs Big Switch Premiere

As per tradition, Hamster has revealed its next batch of Neo Geo titles heading for the Nintendo Switch eShop in its latest Nico Nico live presentation. We're certain there are lots of smiling faces thanks to the reveal that both Puzzle Bobble (or Bust-a-Move in North America) titles are on the cards, with the first game scheduled to release one week from today, on the 20th December.

But it's not just Bub and Bob you can expect to be playing well into 2019 and beyond; here's the full list including the usually underrated Ninja Masters below.

Another fine lot of Neo Geo AES action up for grabs this week. Will you be picking any of these up? All of them? Have you been collecting all of these from day one? Insert Coin in the comments section below.

[source japanesenintendo.com]