Lince Works and Merge Games have announced that the upcoming Switch version of Aragami: Shadow Edition has been delayed until early 2019. The game was originally set for release this fall.

If you've missed the news on this one previously, Aragami is an action-adventure stealth game that was originally released on other platforms back in 2016. The game has you playing as an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows - you can teleport to any shadow, become invisible, materialise weapons, or even summon a shadow dragon to infiltrate the enemy ranks and dispose of your targets, and the whole thing is inspired by the likes of Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid.

David Leon, Studio Director of Lince Works has shared a comment on the reasoning behind the delay:

“The work done by our porting partners, Stage Clear, so far has been truly fantastic. But we all agree that with more time for testing and polishing we could ensure a much more solid experience. We're in no rush so it’s best we just move our release by a couple of months. Plus, most of you are all still busy playing that new cowboy game anyway.

The game is still scheduled to launch with the original base game, the Aragami: Nightfall expansion, and all available DLC in one lovely package, and the game and expansion will support two-player online co-op which extends to cross-platform play with PC and Xbox users.

Have you been looking forward to this one? Will you be watching out for its release next year? Tell us below.