Teslagrad IMG

The platform puzzle game Teslagrad has already been released a few times digitally on Nintendo systems and now it will finally receive the physical treatment on the Switch.

Following its arrival in December last year, the art director on the Rain Games' eShop release asked fans on Twitter which box art they would prefer for Teslagrad's physical release. Take a look at both of them in the tweet below:

There's currently no information about the publisher handling the physical release of this game, or when exactly it will arrive. In our review, we gave the Switch version of Teslagrad eight out of ten stars and said it was worth double-dipping for the portable iteration. It may even be worth purchasing a third time if you enjoyed it on previous occasions.

Will you be adding this game to your physical collection whenever it does arrive? Which box art do you prefer? Tell us below.

[source gonintendo.com]