Sonic 2

SEGA and M2 are doing a great job of bringing classic Mega Drive games to the Switch with the SEGA AGES series of games. As with the 3DS 3D Classics range, these aren't just lazy efforts. M2 really get into the original games source code so you know you are getting a port worthy of your time.

In a recent interview with M2’s CEO Naoki Horii, he revealed that they are pulling out all the stops for the SEGA AGES port of Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Digging into the source code they have found that this will be a challenge; after all, Yuji Naka was a coding genius and his techniques take some head-scratching to get your head around.

Horii-san also teased that the SEGA Ages port of Sonic 2 might include some features which Naka-san originally wanted to do in the game, but could not manage because of the Mega Drive's limitations. What this could be is a mystery, but we're excited to see how the SEGA Ages port turns out.

In the interview, it was also mentioned that the upcoming Virtua Racing port would benefit from improvements over the arcade original. Horii-san teased that the game will feature something "that’ll allow everyone to play Virtua Racing together" and “play Sega games on Switch in a good environment”, which suggest to us that the game will feature online play.

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