Ben Wander, the individual behind the narrative mystery game A Case Of Distrust, recently spoke to Engadget about the overall success of his game on the Switch eShop.

While no exact sales figures were provided, Wander said the consumer reaction to this particular version surprised him and essentially described it as a second launch day for the title. He's still not sure himself if the Switch release tapped a new audience or those who were originally interested in the game held out for this specific version.

Since moving on from AAA game development at bigger studios, Ben has been able to embrace the freedom of indie development. This is exactly what he said about his latest project:

"I get to work on games and they're like passion projects... They're games that I want to make or games that I believe in. This was an idea I had since college, and so getting to see it come to fruition is wonderful. It's fantastic."

It's fantastic to hear about his success on the Switch. Of course, this game is not the only time when eShop releases have revived and even outperformed existing copies available on other digital platforms. There's been plenty of other examples of this previously.

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