Just in case you'd forgotten all about it, Studio Wildcard has shared a launch trailer for ARK: Survival Evolved. The game is available on Nintendo Switch worldwide today.

Yes, this award-winning dinosaur survival adventure has finally landed on Nintendo's portable machine, letting you tame more than 80 dinosaurs, conquer enemies, and create enormous structures at home or on the go. Developed with Abstraction Games, this handheld version of the game includes all content and features of the original, and you'll be able to team up with 64 other players online or go it alone.

If you're unfamiliar with the game, this feature list should help to explain what you'll be getting up to. Suffice to say you'll be stranded on a mysterious prehistoric island, exploring vast biomes as you begin to hunt, harvest, craft tools, grow crops, and build shelters to survive. Oh, and did we mention the dinosaurs?


- Free Exploration: Explore the entire ARK Island!
- Capture, Tame, Breed, and Ride Beasts: Over 80+ prehistoric and fantasy-inspired creatures and dinosaurs such as the T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Direwolf, and Yeti.
- Harvest, Hunt, and Build: Cut down trees, hunt for meat and scavenge for plants, or start your own garden. Quickly develop these survival skills, as hunger, thirst, basic safety, and protecting yourself from the elements are all part of the game. Build small villages or huge towns using a variety of materials, from wood, stone, metal, or more. Learn new technologies to expand your outposts from primitive huts all the way through futuristic electrically-powered cities.
- Customization: The extensive ARK crafting system allows players to mix and match materials scavenged from around the island, while also modifying the colors, textures, shapes and styles.
- Intense First or Third Person Action: Engage in visceral melee and ranged combat using a massive variety of weaponry, from slingshots, bows, and spears all the way through modern rifles and pistols, to powerful sci-fi energy weapons and jetpacks!
- Mystery of The ARK: Solve the mystery of The ARK as you wander around the massive island, discovering explorers’ notebooks and clues everywhere to piece together the ARK mystery!

The game is available today on the Switch eShop for a recommended price of $49.99 / £44.99.

Will you be solving the mystery of the ARK on Switch? Let us know in the comments.