PQube and developer Onion Soup Interactive have shared a brand new trailer for the upcoming party racer Nippon Marathon, revealing that the game will be available on 17th December.

Featuring a song performance from no other than Diana Garnet, the singer of the Naruto: Shippuden outro, this new trailer gives us a good look at some of the crazy race courses players can expect to find in the game. One minute, players are being thwarted by giant fruit; the next, everyone's jumping across trains and Ferris wheels, and the whole thing looks more and more like a crazy Japanese game show every time we see it.

We've also been treated to some new screenshots of the game's seventh level "JINKO EKI STATION", where runners have to jump from bullet trains to a literal bull train, as well as a quick look at the story mode of Snuguru Maestro - a half-human, half-dog "with the voice of an angel". Essentially, the Story Mode allows you to choose and follow the journey of the four main characters in what turns out to be a mix of racing and visual novel gameplay with numerous chapters. You can see a tease of this one in the final image below.

As mentioned above, Nippon Marathon will be arriving on a Switch next you just in time for Christmas.

Will you be joining in the madness? Share your thoughts on the game below.