SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy brings together an all-star female cast based on the Japanese company’s extensive history. With this in mind, the next character joining the battle on 13th December as downloadable content is Jeanne from the World Heroes tournament.

World Heroes is another classic Neo Geo arcade fighting game you may or may not have played long ago. The series began in 1992 and is comprised of four games. ADK worked on these titles with the help of SNK until it eventually folded and the game property was then sold to SNK Playmore in 2003. The last entry was World Heroes Perfect in 1995. There was also an anthology released much later down the line, bringing together all four games on one disc.

The story is about a mad scientist who has created a time machine so he can work out who is the greatest fighter in history. Many of the characters in this series are based on real historical figures. Jeanne in particular is modelled on the french national heroine Joan of Arc. Here is SNK’s official description of the fighter:

Blessed with exceptional looks and excellent swordsmanship to boot, Jeanne hails from 15th century France. She joined the World Heroes tournament in search of adequate competition and hopefully, a strong suitor as well. Will you be able to survive her attacks on December 13?

Are you looking forward to playing as Jeanne when she arrives in SNK Heroines? Would you like to see SNK revive the World Heroes fighting games? Tell us below.