Piranha Plant1

During last week's final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct before the release of the game in December, Nintendo revealed if you pre-purchased digitally or registered a physical copy on release, you would receive the new fighter Piranha Plant.

Even though the game's Director Masahiro Sakurai said the new fighter was still in development and scheduled to arrive a couple of months after launch, it appears Nintendo is already sending out codes for the famous enemy from the Super Mario Bros. series. According to users on Reddit and various other social platforms, if you bought the game digitally, there's a chance the code for Piranha Plant is already in your email inbox.


Hopefully, the immediate distribution of codes will ensure everyone is ready to go prior to the character's release - and perhaps even the game's launch.

Have you digitally pre-purchased Ultimate or are you picking up a physical copy on release? Are you excited about Piranha Plant? Tell us in the comments.

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