"The only thing that I can truly be sure of is the constant, pervading feeling I have deep inside. I'm empty. I'm hollow."

This is some of the deep philosophy which you'll find in Forever Entertainment's Hollow, which landed on the Switch eShop way back in February. While on the face of it, this scary first-person action game brought to mind Dead Space and Resident Evil, it's very much got a personality of its own.

We didn't exactly get on well with it in our review, but we did acknowledge that those with a masochistic streak might derive some pleasure from its abrasiveness and its downbeat tone.

If you consider yourself to be one of those people, or if you were in any way curious to see if the game is any good for yourself, you can pick it up now in North America for only $1.99. That's a massive 90% discount.

Will you be checking it out at this low price, or did our review put you off? Share your thoughts with a comment below.