We've been following the story of Hazelnut Bastille for a while now here on Nintendo Life; after sitting down for a chat with the team back in March, we've seen the project go on to have an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign which has helped to secure a version on Switch. Now, the developers have revealed that a second "secret" game has also been in the works - and you can get yourself a copy for free.

Yes, if the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past-style gameplay and visuals of the main game have managed to win you over, a pledge of $5 or more will net you a second game called Dawnthorn. Built in the same engine as Hazelnut Bastille, this game features many of the same enemies and items present in the main course, but this time presented in an 8-bit universe. If Hazelnut Bastille is the souped-up SNES game, Dawnthorn is "the game that would have come before Hazelnut, during the NES generation".

You can see this second title in action below.

The Hazelnut Bastille Kickstarter campaign currently has just 28 hours left to go at the time of writing, so make sure to jump on in and make that pledge if you'd like a copy of both games (note that a minimum pledge of $15 is required to claim the main game). The new project will be available to all backers as a PC version, with a Switch version promised if it does well enough at release.

Do you like the sound of having both games for the price of one? Have you already pledged your support to this one? Let us know in the comments below.

- Thanks to Bunkerneath for the tip!

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