Nintendo's surprisingly wide range of merchandise options often has us drooling over the latest and greatest thing, and this is usually amplified when we see the sorts of goodies available in Japan. Joining that list in style are these lovely Piranha Plant slippers and we can't wait to get multiple sets for ourselves.

The slippers are arriving courtesy of Nintendo Sales - the very same Nintendo branch which recently introduced a range of travel-themed goods to the market - and will be available in Japan this December, just in time for the coldest of months. If you're a diehard fan of Petey Piranha, or prefer to wear clothes with slightly less obvious Nintendo branding, we're sure these will work a treat.


The reason that we're so in love with this particular pair, though, is thanks to their wonderful storage design. The slippers come with a green warp pipe as a case, perfectly sitting inside to create the full Piranha Plant look.


Unfortunately, there's no word just yet on how these slippers might be available for western buyers, but it might be worth keeping an eye out on Amazon Japan this December if you're wanting to snag a pair.

The perfect Christmas present? Let us know if you'll be keeping an eye out for these with a comment below.

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