At the start of September, a South Korean gaming board classification popped up for Puyo Puyo eSports. A few weeks later, Sega confirmed the digital-only title would be released in Japan on 25th October. As the launch date draws closer, there's still no information word from Sega about the game being localised.

At a Puyo Puyo eSports event, the professional player Tom Nadja asked Sega for a localised version of the game on behalf of the fans. Sega responded to this by saying it was currently thinking about releasing the game outside of Japan. The last Puyo Puyo game Sega released in the west was the Tetris mashup.

PuyoPuyo Esports IMG

The latest entry in the Puyo Puyo series includes the series' standard play and a few rules from Puyo Pop Fever. There are also online battles, an eight-player offline tournament mode and 24 playable characters to select from.

Would you like to play the eSports version of Puyo Puyo eventually? Did you play the Tetris mashup? Tell us below.