As Reggie said earlier this week at GeekWire Summit, Nintendo is always looking at ways to reinvent itself. The company has had plenty of success in recent times reviving classic hardware in miniature form, which has now led to speculation about other retro devices making a comeback. If evidence of a Nintendo 64 Mini wasn't already enough, how about a Game Boy-style case for capacitive touchscreen devices? Siliconera has discovered Nintendo filed this exact patent back in March this year.

As shown in the images above and below, the case folds around the touchscreen device - much like a protective shell for a smartphone. A key feature is how the buttons on the case can sense the touchscreen with the assistance of a conductive sheet. Noticeably, the button design and layout is based on the original Game Boy. The upper section of the case is an exposed area where Game Boy games would be displayed.

The case also has an open space for the front camera and speakerphone, and the bottom part allows easy access to audio and USB inputs. Nintendo explains the case is not necessarily limited to certain electronics (such as mobile devices) and could be used with tablets as well.

What do you make of this? Is this the Game Boy revival you were hoping for? Are you glad Nintendo hasn't forgotten about the iconic portable device? Tell us below.