It has been revealed that the Nintendo Switch exclusive Gal Metal will arrive on 2nd November in Europe and 30th October in North America, and a brand new trailer has been released to celebrate.

There are actually two ways to purchase your own copy of Gal Metal. Firstly, the game will be available to pre-order digitally from 18th October, giving metalheads the chance to headbang their way to victory with Joy-Con in hand as soon as the game launches. Your alien invasion-preventing journey can also be expanded further with the 'Encore Pack' DLC, adding five new characters to the game, each with their own unique story episode and song. This DLC pack will release on the same day as the main game.

Alternatively, you could wait until the release date to get your hands on even more content via the Gal Metal: World Tour Edition available from selected retail stores. This contains the base game and the Encore Pack DLC, bundled together on the same Nintendo Switch cartridge, along with a previously unannounced exclusive set of 'heavy metal stickers'. These stickers feature an assortment of in-game characters that are designed for use with your Switch or Joy-Con controllers.

If you want to learn more about this one, or if you're completely in the dark as to what we're talking about here, feel free to explore our review of the Japanese version of the game, or our interview with the game's producer, Tak Fujii. That should hopefully be more than enough to get you going.

Will you be treating yourself to this one? Are drums and aliens your perfect gaming mix? Tell us below with a comment.