KORG Gadget made its debut on the Switch eShop earlier this year in April. As you might have previously heard, the music maker came bundled with a stack of synthesisers and drum machines. It even had unique features like real-time pitch control and piano roll editing using Joy-Con motions. In our review, we gave KORG Gadget seven out of ten stars and said it offered an entirely new experience for Nintendo's hybrid console and encouraged users to continually refine their tracks.

If you did pick up this impressive piece of software on release, you'll be pleased to hear a certain variety of classic video game tracks are on the way. Developer Detune has revealed OTORII and EBINA gadgets will be made available as DLC in early 2019. OTORII allows classic Sega songs to be produced and EBINA will let users recreate retro Taito sounds. The DLC also includes Sega's original Out Run and After Burner music and tracks from Taito's Darius and Ninja Warriors.

If you're still on the fence about whether or not this game is worth picking up because of there is no option to import or export tracks - as cited in our review, the game has since been updated to include at least some transfer and sharing features. Version 2.1 of KORG Gadget allows you to transfer your song via QR code and import to iOS or MAC using iCloud. Take a look at these new features in action in the video above.

Have you played KORG Gadget? Would you like to see more video game DLC make its way to this title? Tell us in the comments.

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