Limited Run

It would appear that Switch players in North America will soon have another way to track down their favourite physical games released by Limited Run Games, with retailer Best Buy set to carry stock of select titles.

As you may already know, and as the company name suggests, Limited Run Games offers a variety of indie games on Switch in physical form, but each release has a limited number of copies produced. In the most popular cases, these games can be a little tricky to get ahold of, especially if you're not around to pre-order your copy when the products go live.

How Best Buy will be managing stock, and whether copies will be available in stores, online, or both, is currently unknown, but Josh Fairhurst, owner of Limited Run Games, has confirmed that Golf Story, Yooka-Laylee, and an "unannounced game" will be available by November/December.

Fairhurst has also confirmed that the Best Buy editions will still be numbered (so Yooka-Laylee will stay say 'Limited Run Games #013' on the back like normal copies, for example), and that the team will release a definitive statement on this partnership in due time to explain all. If you're interested in the idea of picking up these games from Best Buy in the future, make sure to stay tuned.

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