Ubisoft has officially revealed that Sports Party will be released on Nintendo Switch on 30th October (after ESRB ratings had previously given the game away) and we have a fancy new trailer to celebrate.

In this game, up to four players can get together and challenge themselves in six outdoor activities - Basketball, Frisbee, Golf, Jet Ski, Beach Tennis, and Skateboarding. Taking place on a "beautiful island paradise", the game promises to be fun for the whole family; it appears that multiplayer is supported for local play exclusively (not online), so this really will be a game perfect for family sessions at home.

If you want to get active, Sports Party can provide a light level of exercise through its relaxed motion controls, or you can use a more traditional approach if you prefer - handheld mode is supported featuring the classic controller setup. You'll be trying to be the fastest at hitting targets with your Frisbee, beating your friends on nine different golf holes, taking home the glory in Jet Ski races, and much more.

Players can also customise their avatar to show off their sporty side, with outfits, accessories, and shoes all completing the look. You'll also unlock new items as you progress through the game.

As mentioned above, Sports Party will release worldwide exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on 30th October.

Will you be joining in the fun?