Wales Interactive has shared a brand new launch trailer for its upcoming survival wave shooter Time Carnage.

In Time Carnage, players must travel through time and wreak havoc through worlds swarming with dinosaurs, monsters, robots and zombies. You can unlock and upgrade your arsenal with mix-and-match weapons, time-altering perks, and arcade cheats. You'll need to choose your loadout wisely, though; Time Carnage has you quickly swapping out active guns on the fly inside its 16-tier campaign and 'Custom Arcade' mode.

There are various perks, challenges, and mystery items for you to uncover as you explore post-apocalyptic worlds, icy wastelands, prehistoric jungles, and more. Interestingly, the game's earlier launch on PS4 received mixed reviews, but (the admittedly few) Steam user reviews have rated the game as being 'positive'.

We've included the game's feature list (including some Switch-exclusive extras) and screenshots below for your perusal.

- Complete with dinosaurs, monsters, robots and zombies!
- Choose standard aiming controls or the gyro-based motion controls (Nintendo Switch)
- Pass the Joy-Con! Play single-player or two-player couch co-op (Nintendo Switch)
- Unlock, upgrade and mix-and-match over 25 dual wielding weapons
- A frenzy inducing timed-reload system. Shoot, drop, switch, repeat!
- Realistic and dynamic environments with 16 unique locations
- Catch your breath with slow motion mode
- Punishing challenges for weapon perks and arcade cheats

The game will release on Switch on 12th September for £9.99 / $12.99 / €12.99 with a 20% launch discount.

Have you played this on PS4 or PC? Will you be looking to add it to your Switch library next week? Tell us below.