It would appear that the literal 'Big N' from Nintendo's Kyoto HQ logo has fallen down thanks to the horrific typhoon that has been devastating Japan.

The typhoon has been described as the "worst storm to hit the country in 25 years", leaving a trail of destruction across many major western cities such as Kyoto - where Nintendo's HQ is based - and the nearby Osaka. Naturally, the impact of the storm - and the suffering and loss experienced by those living in the surrounding areas - is devastating, but it seems that Nintendo's head office has managed to survive with just a small dent.

Twitter user @FlorentGorgesFR has shared the following image of Nintendo's HQ online, showing the logo with its missing 'N'. The current whereabouts of the letter is unknown.

And some more images from @nicoryuuga.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that it would be temporarily ceasing its telephone and online customer support for customers in Japan due to the typhoon, presumably because it would be too dangerous for employees to enter the building or surrounding areas. We hope that all staff and their loved ones are safe and well, and want to pass on our best wishes to those affected.