My Brother Rabbit, a "heartfelt" adventure game from Artifex Mundi, has now secured a Switch release date. The game will be available on 21st September.

When a family’s young daughter falls ill, her older brother steps in to keep her focus away from the serious and scary situation by using the power of imagination. Their fantastical daydreaming takes them far from the dreary confines of the hospital and into a surreal world where her stuffed rabbit helps nurse a sweet and sick flower back to health.

To reach those who can heal her, this rabbit sets out on a journey that requires both a keen eye and smart thinking. Using point-and-click mechanics, the game tasks players with collecting hidden objects and applying them to the riddles hiding throughout the world. After observing each area and uncovering these items, they can also be used in over 30 minigames. Some are as simple as connecting threads in a colour-matching game, but others can be much more complex - such as repairing a fantastical musical machine.

Though their situation is dark, the children use their creativity as a means of escaping the doom and gloom. Tomasz Grudziński, CEO at Artifex Mundi, explains how this concept is what will keep players gripped to the game.

“We feel that players will form a bond with the children in My Brother Rabbit because of their enduring spirit. Though this story begins with a tragedy, these children always hope for a brighter future.”

My Brother Rabbit will be available for $14.99 on Nintendo Switch from the aforementioned date of 21st September. European pricing is still to be confirmed.

Do you like the look of this one? Does the idea behind the story do enough to pull you in? Let us know your thoughts down below.