Last week, we found Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would feature 103 unique stages and over 300 in total including the Battlefield and Omega forms. That’s a crazy amount of stages for a big-name fighting game, and possibly an all-time record.

With so many stages crammed into the latest iteration of Smash, it’s been difficult to keep up with the latest posts about them over on the game’s official website and blog. Fortunately, our very own Alex Olney has been working around the clock for the past week to compile what is an absolutely massive half-hour video comparing every returning stage to its Ultimate counterpart. Fun fact: This video is actually longer than the recent Direct

So, grab your favourite snack, beverage or Nintendo plush and set half an hour aside to watch this comprehensive graphical comparison. Be sure to also tell Alex and the rest of us here at Nintendo Life which stage you're most excited to see return.