The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate main menu

During the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct which took place on Wednesday, one interesting section towards the end of the show revealed the game's main menu. One section of this menu was blurred out, with Sakurai teasingly saying that we'll have to wait for more news on what it might be, but one fan has been working hard to decipher what might be hidden underneath.

By zooming in heavily, excruciatingly checking out every frame in closer detail, and enhancing and juxtaposing the image, Twitter user @noctulescent seems to have figured out exactly what is said. In the Japanese presentation, the image shows 'スピリッツ', meaning 'spirits' - although, with eyes unfamiliar to Japanese characters, this may admittedly be quite hard to see.

In the English language Direct, the word 'Spirits' can be rather easily seen, however. Assuming this is true, and the word 'Spirits' remains in the game at launch, what could this possibly mean? The Direct opened with Luigi's spirit seemingly being taken away from him, as part of the Simon and Richter Belmont reveal. While this initially seemed to just be a fitting way to introduce the Castlevania characters - and possibly still is just that - could it have a deeper meaning for another mode type in the game?

The possibilities are endless here, with ideas such as a much deeper story mode instantly popping into our heads, but time will tell what will come of this mysterious section.

Do you have any crazy ideas as to what 'Spirits' could be? Let us know with a comment below.