We didn't know real-life Shy Guys would be so disturbing

We all know and love Nintendo for its family-friendly image, cheery and colourful games, and the pure fun emanating from its franchises, but all of this is usually enjoyed from the comfort of our own homes. In a new promotional ad for the Switch, however, Nintendo took to the streets to surprise real families with some frantic, public gameplay.

As you can see in the video below, people passing by were encouraged to hit a Question Mark Block to select a game to play. Rather than simply plonking players down in front of a TV, though, Nintendo opted to create full-on, real-life setups of the games themselves, with racing seats, tennis courts, people dressed up as Nintendo characters, and even a model cow being introduced right in the middle of a public space.

If we had to pick our favourite moment from the video, it'd probably have to be this human Lakitu. We didn't realise we ever wanted a Lakitu suit, but playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at home won't feel the same until we get one.

Can we invite this person to come and host races at Nintendo Life HQ?

Do you wish you could be around to witness something like this? Would you take the opportunity to completely embarrass your family members with a stonking public victory? Let us know below.

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