Video game accessory maker Nyko is back with a new Nintendo Labo-like arcade cabinet to be used with the Nintendo Switch.

We've seen super-portable Switch docks and smartphone-holding Joy-Con grips from Nyko in the past, but this time the manufacturer is really playing Nintendo at its own game, using a foldable, customisable cardboard design that looks like it could easily be the next Nintendo Labo Toy-Con set. The cabinet holds two Joy-Con, with specially made analog sticks that aim to replicate the classic arcade feel being attached to each one.

As you can see, it even comes with a selection of materials to help you customise your cabinet, again just like Labo. Here's a list of the product's features to give you some more information:

- Build and play with a traditional 87256 of a old-school arcade cabinet
- Includes 8 sheets of corrugated cardboard containing 16 pieces of individual die cut components to assemble
- Includes two arcade sticks that are custom Fit to attach to the Joy-Con analog sticks for Authentic arcade play
- Mechanical button remapping allows the user to press the shoulder Buttons on the Joy-Con just like traditional arcade Buttons

The kit is currently available to pre-order on Amazon for $19.99 and is expected to be released towards the end of November.

Do you like the look of this? Do you think Nintendo would be wise to release a real Nintendo Labo version? Let us know if you'll be grabbing one in the comments below.

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