Minecraft Switch

The Wii U era was a difficult time for all games released on the platform. It didn't matter how big the game or series was, it still struggled due to Nintendo's inability to sell the system worldwide. Even Minecraft - one of the most popular games of the generation - couldn't gain sales momentum.

With sales of Nintendo's current system continuing to rise, a tweet via Japanese Nintendo reveals the 1,200 GEO stores across Japan have already sold more copies of Minecraft on the Switch in just two months compared to the nine months it took to sell the same amount on Wii U. Minecraft is also currently listed as GEO's best-selling game. 

This is once again a great illustration of the Switch's popularity compared to Nintendo's previous and much bumpier console generation. 

Have you bought Minecraft on the Switch yet? Did you own it on the Wii U? Are you a fan of the game? Tell us below. 

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