This year's QuakeCon revealed Bethesda and id Software would be bringing DOOM Eternal to the Nintendo Switch, with the help of port specialist Panic Button. As fantastic as the announcement was, unsurprisingly it left fans of id's work wanting more.

Tim Willits, id Software studio director, then said Rage 2 - developed in partnership with Avalanche Studios - was in consideration for the Switch.

Website DualShockers has now followed this up at this year's GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Willits reiterated his previous statement, and Bethesda Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Pete Hines provided the following response, pointing out some obvious differences with Rage 2 compared to other releases:

We’ve talked about it, but it’s a completely different engine and tech. The nice thing about Doom, Wolf, and Doom Eternal is it all uses id Tech, Rage 2 uses Avalanche‘s engine, so it’s a different beast in terms of a seamless open world that you can play like that. We’ve talked about it some. Still uncertain whether that could ever work on the Switch.

He also explained how previous Nintendo platforms hadn't been a good fit for Bethesda's games in the past, compared to the Switch, which is now playing host a number of the company's iconic series. 

According to Hines, Bethesda nowadays aims to bring its games to as many people as it possibly can, because it invests so much time in each one. Bringing games to more platforms generally means more players.

Are you eager to see Rage 2 on Switch? Would you like to see more id Software games in general on the system? Tell us below.

[source dualshockers.com]