Daedalic Entertainment has announced that it will be publishing Felix the Reaper, a musical, romantic comedy 3D puzzle adventure, on Nintendo Switch in 2019.

The game comes from Danish indie developer Kong Orange, which describes the title as a “3D shadow manipulation puzzle adventure”. Players take on the role of the titular reaper, who can be seen merrily dancing away in the trailer above. Felix works at The Ministry of Death, but falls in love with Betty The Maiden from The Ministry of Life. Felix believes that going to the human world and completing the grim tasks of a field reaper will enable him to one day meet her.

In each of the game's levels, Felix needs to move in the shadows, manipulating the environment to ensure that the Ministry of Death meets its quota, while also working towards his own mission of finding Betty. While doing his murdering duties, wiping people out to tick off his checklist, he manages to find the time to practice his dance moves.

Completing each level in the game unlocks a hardcore version of itself, perfect for those who like a serious challenge. There are also skull achievements to collect, which further unlock bonus time trials for the extremely resourceful reaper. You can check out a full feature list below:

Felix the Reaper features:
An original 3D shadow mechanic at the core of the game
Challenging puzzles in an original story world
Choose your own tune from a selection of 10+ indie music artists on Felix’s Walkman
Collect skull achievements that further unlock bonus time trials
Felix’s dance moves have been choreographed with professional dancers

Felix Dance

The game is scheduled to be playable during gamescom in Cologne, and at PAX West in Seattle, taking place in August and September respectively. Other details are still to be confirmed, but we'll make sure to keep an eye out for any further information on its release date in the future.

What do you think? Could this be a charming little puzzle adventure to play on the go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.