The majority of European Nintendo online stores are having a bit of a facelift over the next month or so, all rebranding to go along with the My Nintendo name - the same branding used for My Nintendo rewards.

For those not in the know, mainland European stores have always operated in a very different, and rather weakened, way to those found in the US and UK. For quite some time, the European stores have mostly offered digital game codes and select physical merchandise, with only the UK's store containing a much wider range of goods.

Scheduled to fully take effect this September - the same month as Nintendo's upcoming online service's launch - the stores are said to be updating with new merchandise, hopefully offering a larger selection of products for those in European countries.

Perhaps the most important part of the change, however, is the new name. As you may be aware, the My Nintendo rewards system offers new discounts to players every couple of weeks or so, with customers able to spend points that they've collected through purchasing Nintendo games. The service has replaced Club Nintendo, a similar system which allowed customers to get their hands on exclusive physical goods, but the new service has been disappointing on the whole. Does the rebranding mean we'll see a higher level of My Nintendo reward interaction across stores? We'll have to wait and see.

Would you like to see Nintendo's official stores make use of My Nintendo rewards in a greater way? Why not share your ideas with us in the comments below.