Fortnite Switch

Yesterday, we reported on the rather troubling performance issues often seen in Fortnite on Switch. With all sorts of problems occurring such as a serious amount of lag and issues with texture loading - and with the game's performance seemingly deteriorating week-on-week - fans banded together online to send a plea to developer Epic Games, asking for improvements.

It would appear that Epic has heard the prayers of its fanbase, as the studio has rolled out a brand new patch - specifically for Switch - which "includes improvements for some hitching issues". Hitching - where your character will suddenly be shoved into a new position on-screen with a jerk-like movement - is one of the more common issues found in the game. Understandably, trying to pull off any acts of precision while your character jumps around your screen is impossible, so this patch is incredibly welcome.

While issues such as these can be highly frustrating, sometimes making the game near unplayable for some users, Epic Games does have a history of being very open with its players, taking any criticism on board and tweaking elements of the game where necessary. Fortnite's performance on Switch is still far from ideal, but we're hopeful that - with time - we should see some more improvements to help settle the current problems.

Have you fired up the game since this latest patch? Have you noticed any significant improvement? Let us know in the comments below.