Bullet Age is exclusively coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop this November.

Following nuclear fallout, you take control of a protagonist named Ash who must protect New Haven by exploring a post-apocalyptic world spanning multiple continents. You'll engage in sword and gun combat, and face plenty of platform challenges along the way. There's also the ability to upgrade your weapons. 

Here's a full list of features from the Nintendo game page:

  • Play through dozens of meticulously designed levels chock-full of secrets, challenging platforming and over the top bosses that spans over 3 continents.
  • Intuitive combat system that mixes hack and slash action and run and gun gameplay.
  • Purchase and upgrade weapons with unique parts that will give bullets devastating abilities.
  • Full co-op adventure with single Joy-con support and HD rumble to feel each action and help you locate hidden secrets.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn cartoon graphics and fluid animation bring the world of Bullet Age to life.

Take a look at the game's teaser trailer above and tell us if this Nindie game is of interest to you.