Adding to the onslaught of Gamescom news and announcements, Rising Star Games has revealed a brand new trailer for RICO.

This arcade-style, first-person shooter was first revealed for Switch in March this year. Inspired by modern action cinema, RICO has you and a friend playing as a pair of loose-cannon police partners, trying to crack a case as part of an elite organised crime task force in just 24 hours. 

Its in-game planning is described as being "tactical rather than strategic", with players needing to react to shootouts as they unfurl right there in the moment, gaining additional time to assess the situation if they are able to surprise their adversaries. The emphasis seems to be on simply having a fun time with your buddy, however, with the game's PR telling us to "just kick down doors, shoot bad guys, and exploit the element of surprise to gain the upper hand".

Gameplay features:
•    Online co-op and offline split-screen play
•    "Daily play" with online leaderboards
•    Randomly generated cases, operations, and environments
•    Unlockable weapons, traits, and mission types
•    Compete against the clock to solve a case in 24 hours

Originally, RICO was destined to arrive on Switch this autumn, but the date has now been pushed back to "early 2019".

Does this one pique your interest? Let us know if you'll be joining up with a friend for this one in the comments.