Cosmoscope, the studio behind Switch newcomer Morphies Law, has submitted a patch to Nintendo in order to fix some of the issues experienced by early players.

If you missed the news, Morphies Law recently 'did a Fortnite', surprising everyone by launching on the system without any real warning; the game was shown off during the 2018 Indies Showcase, and was available on the console just hours later.

The premise is incredibly creative, and the game offers up an interesting twist on the shooter genre with its changing body mass mechanic. Players have noticed some frustrating issues early on, however - a fact that we confirmed in our review.

If you've been playing the game and faced the odd issue or two, here are the full patch notes currently under review by Nintendo. Assuming it's approved, these changes should soon be implemented to improve the game's performance:

– Changed online settings to enforce geographical proximity – this should alleviate the lag while we continue working on setting up dedicated servers, please let us know your feedback.
– Fixed spawn protection – now you’ll be invincible for 5 seconds or until you leave your base.
– Fixed gunshot sounds looping infinitely sometimes on death.
– Fixed loud sounds that would sometimes play before the map intro.
– Fixed XP gains for private games – it is now 75% of the regular online XP instead of 25%.
– Increased the daily cap on XP and Nuts that can be gained from offline/private/local games to 5000XP and 500Nuts.
– Fixed bug in Tanker Town where exiting tunnels at certain inclinations would sometimes kill you.
– Fixed the recharge time of weapon part “Sonic Punch” – it is no longer spammable.
– Disabled the ability to “unready” in private/LAN matches to avoid potential 5v3 scenarios.

Did you grab a copy of the game on day one? How have you found the experience? Let us know how you've been getting on in the comments below.