A few weeks ago, a brand new Bandai Namco game called Digimon Survive was announced for the Nintendo Switch. Since then, more and more information has surfaced. We already knew the gameplay was a combination of visual novel storytelling and turn-based strategy RPG battles, and now new information and footage has been shared at a Digimon live stream event. 

The protagonist - Takuma Momotsuka - is transported to a mysterious world. He and others must survive in this unknown location while exploring and making various decisions. The story will evolve as you progress, and the final outcome depends on the choices you make. You could even lose characters along the way. In regards to the turn-based battles, there'll be around 100 playable Digimon. Evolution consumes energy and can be extended by interacting with allies and enemies during battles.

In the same live stream, it was revealed a new Digimon Story game is currently in development. Digimon Survive is scheduled to arrive on the Switch in Japan sometime next year. Take a look at the teaser trailer, battle gameplay, and interactive scene, and tell us in the comments if you're excited about the return of Digimon. 

[source gematsu.com, via youtu.be]