A couple of weeks ago saw a crowdfunding campaign launch for the Flip Grip, an accessory that has your Joy-Con controllers slot into the side of the grip, essentially allowing for portable, on-the-go play with a vertical setup. Now, thanks to the video above, we can see the whole thing working in action.

The accessory's creator, Jeremy Parish, has presented a short clip to demonstrate how the final product will work. The grip you can see in the video is just a prototype, but thanks to a quick game of vertical, portable Galaga, you can instantly get a sense of how using the grip will feel. As you can see, games such as Namco Museum can really shine in portable mode on Switch with the accessory, and we've no doubt that arcade and shmup fans will be all over this.

The product's Kickstarter page is still live if you're interested - you have another week to pledge your support and grab one for yourself. It's already absolutely smashed its goal, however, so we'll definitely be seeing the Flip Grip release into the world later this year.

Have you backed this project? Let us know if you'd like this accessory for your own gaming sessions with a comment below.

[source nintendoeverything.com]