Flip Grip Knoll View.png

The Switch's ability to play games in vertical mode is a truly wonderful thing; some games, such as arcade titles like Namco Museum and TATE-enabling shmups like Ikaruga, become a perfect fit for the console in this style. Unfortunately, playing games in this way forces you to adopt a tabletop mode style - propping the Switch up against something and holding your controller(s) separately. This new accessory aims to change all of that, however.

Launching on Kickstarter today, the Flip Grip is a vertical grip accessory designed for the Nintendo Switch. Made with sturdy ABS plastic, the Flip Grip holds your Switch screen securely in place, with a release tab on the back allowing you to remove your system when required. Your Joy-Con controllers slot into the side of the grip, essentially making it seem like the Switch's screen has turned around in your hands, allowing for portable, on-the-go play with a vertical setup.

The accessory has been prototyped and refined extensively over the past eight months, and is now hoping to generate the funding it needs through its Kickstarter campaign. If successful, production is set to begin immediately, with the intent of having Flip Grips in backers' hands by October or November.

Do you like the look of the Flip Grip? Do you think it would be a nice way to play your favourite vertical Switch games? Let us know if you hope to see this product be successful with a comment below.