We heard yesterday Bandai Namco would be holding an open beta test for Dragon Ball FIghterZ in August, and now it's also revealed a brief glimpse of the two new fighters coming to the game.

Base Goku and Base Vegeta will be available in the other versions of FighterZ early August, and presumably at some point after the Switch release on 28th September. 

Here's a brief description of the new fighters coming to the game, including their trademark attacks:

The most famous rivals get their original form and with it come their powerful move sets. Base Goku can unleash the Kaioken formidable power to crush his opponent, when facing a fearsome enemy, he can use his most powerful skill: the Super Spirit Bomb. Base Vegeta, the proud Saiyan prince has access to his signature move: the Galick Gun. In order to annihilate any opponent Vegeta will use his deadliest attack, the Galaxy Breaker, a devastating energy blast fired from his whole body.

On a related note, Kefla has been confirmed as the second character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Extra Pack 3:

Kefla is the successful fusion of Caulifla’s explosive personality and Kale’s latent monstrous power. Her extremely powerful attacks make her the strongest Saiyan woman. Kefla will be part of the DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – EXTRA PACK 3 available this summer.

Take a look at the trailers above and below, and tell us in the comments if you'll be participating in the upcoming Switch beta, or if you are looking forward to the new content in Xenoverse 2.