Treasurenauts has been in development for what feels like forever, with both 3DS and Switch versions planned. 

However, 3DS owners might want to look away now because in the latest Atooi video update, Jools Watsham has revealed the development for that version has been cancelled. His reasoning is pretty sound; the market for 3DS is shrinking and, as a small team, Atooi has to focus on what's going to deliver the best reward: 

Treasurenauts ... that's progressing really well - yes, we're still making it, yes - it's going to come out eventually. It will definitely, of course, be on the Switch, along with other platforms - not the 3DS, though, unfortunately, because it's just not a market that is particularly fruitful for indie developers. 

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Watsham also revealed the team was working on a brand new 3D Unity game. In addition to this was the news a free update for Soccer Slammers was on the way and development of the Chicken Wiggle Workshop was progressing well. 

Do you think the cancellation of Treasurenauts on 3DS is a smart move? Would you like a 3D game from Atooi? Tell us below.