The Nintendo Switch will soon be available for customers to buy in Turkey, but systems are set to cost a staggeringly high price of almost $500 (USD).

A few years back, Nintendo abruptly left the Turkish market due to the country's troubling financial situation, but a new distributor called CD Media is now in charge of Nintendo's dealings in the country. This new arrangement means that the Switch will finally be available for those wanting to buy Nintendo's latest hardware, but the prices are scarily high - especially considering the nation's financial difficulties are far from over.

You can see some of the prices for yourself below.

- Nintendo Switch Gray / Neon Blue/Neon Red Console: 2,399 TL (USD $495 / £377)
- Joy-Con Gray / Joy-Con Neon Red (L)/Neon Blue (R): 559 TL (USD $115 / £87)
- Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: 499 TL (USD $102 / £78)
- Super Mario Odyssey: 379 TL (USD $78 / £60)
- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 329 TL (USD $68 / £52)

Naturally, fans aren't especially happy with this news and were no doubt hoping for a price that coincides with those found in the UK and US. As it stands, some of these products are actually around 1.5x the cost found in those regions, despite the previously mentioned financial troubles.

As ever, feel free to share any thoughts you might have down in the comments below.

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