The Hit Points are a musical group made up of a bunch of talented individuals who specialise in bluegrass performances. If you haven't heard of this genre before, it's derived from American roots music. In the above video, you can listen to the group performing the “Team Rocket Hideout” Pokémon song from its debut album - now available on Spotify.

The album is said to offer a unique blend of "live high-energy bluegrass" and "soothing acoustic arrangements" of popular video game music. The founders of The Hit Points believe their love of instruments and video games has always been connected: 

While playing videogames, it'd be common to grab aninstrument and play along to the music in games like Castlevania or Pokémon. I suppose combining Bluegrass and videogame music seemed like a natural progression under those circumstances. The instruments used in a traditional bluegrass ensemble are extremely versatile and we wanted to demonstrate that by merging our passion for videogame music with those instruments to create a unique project that has never been done before.

The full soundtrack includes songs from the games like Street Fighter, Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog and even Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Tell us in the comments if you like what these guys are doing and if you listen to video game music on a regular basis. 

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