Memorrha Image.jpg

It was only yesterday our hopes were shot down when it was revealed the team behind the critically-acclaimed title, The Witness, had moved onto new projects. Fortunately, it appears Korion Games is more than happy to fill the void with its own beautiful and challenging 3D puzzle game, Memorrha, when it arrives on the Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2019.

In this adventure, you’ll go on a journey to discover the footsteps of a mysterious culture by exploring your surrounding environment and interacting with various objects and machines. As you progress, you will unlock more areas and learn more about the past. The hand-crafted environment brings together elements of ancient architecture and science fiction while offering plenty of challenging puzzles that require logical thinking and abilities of pattern recognition and combination.

Memorrha started out life as a student project and is currently in the testing phase. The alpha-version can be downloaded from the game’s official website after registration.

Would you be interested in trying out a 3D puzzle game like Memorrha on your Switch? Tell us below.