nindie rewards Cropped.jpg

The My Nintendo website has updated itself once again, bringing along a new batch of rewards for loyal customers. This time around sees a bit of a revamp, with a 'Nindie Game Gold Point Rewards: Summer 2018' event taking place.

Rather than giving players discounts on select titles, this new initiative is offering up full games for a splattering of Gold Points. It might be a small list to begin with, but there are some cracking entries. Here's everything on offer:

Currently, this Nindie game rewards event is only taking place on the North American version of the My Nintendo website - we'll have to wait and see if the European version also gets the same treatment.

As always, remember that your Gold Points can now also be used towards Switch eShop purchases in all regions.

WIll you be getting your hands on any of these deals? Let us know with a comment below.