One of the common problems for Nintendo Switch owners is the fact the system is unable to hook up to televisions without the official dock on-hand. Although a number of accessory makers have already attempted to resolve this problem, Bionik Gaming's latest creation looks as if it could be the best solution yet.

Introducing the TV Lynx - a cable that effectively functions as a Nintendo Switch dock would. The product plugs into the USB-C port in the Switch and a supplied AC adapter on one end and then connects to a television's HDMI port on the other. This accessory is able to support 1080p, so there shouldn't be any reductions in quality.

In addition to this, Bionik will also be releasing a power stand for the Switch. This will allow Switch owners to charge their Pro Controller and Joy-Con simultaneously. Lastly, are two commuter bags for the Switch itself. The basic edition is waterproof and retails for $34.99 and the second is a computer bag containing a backup battery with a Type-C USB for $69.99. All of these products including the TV Lynx are coming soon.

Bionik Charging Stand.jpg

Is a cable alternative to the Nintendo Switch dock something you would use? Are you at all interested in more ways to charge your controllers or store your Switch? Tell us below.