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When Geoff Keighley interviewed Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, at this year’s E3, the pair spoke about an array of topics ranging from the current state of the video game industry to the French publisher’s recent collaborations with Nintendo.

In response to a question about the state of the industry, Guillemot noted the recent developments, including the release of Nintendo’s Switch, and said the future looked promising for Ubisoft because of such hardware:

It’s changing, it’s becoming more worldwide as well...the fact that Nintendo came with mobility with the Switch...it’s giving all the publishers in our capital cities the abilities, finances actually, to create better games...it’s a booming industry today.

When queried about free-to-play models, Guillemot explained the use of it was dependant on what was best for the experience:

Some of those games will use those roots, but the goal is to actually have a bit diversity in the portfolio, we can use the best approach for the experience.

On the subject of the “relationship” with Nintendo, including guidance from Shigeru Miyamoto, the CEO of Ubisoft said games such as Starlink: Battle for Atlas was a great example of the blossoming partnership with the Japanese company as well as the glowing relations with Mario's creator. 

Yes, we are big fans of Mr Miyamoto, in the last 30 years we’ve been looking at what he was doing and learned a lot from him. Being able to approach him and his team, is really something that is a wonderful experience for all the teams at Ubisoft, they love to collaborate and learn from him.

Lastly was a question about what Ubisoft franchises could potentially be adapted to Nintendo’s latest device. Guillemot avoided naming any specific games and instead explained how various factors were taken into consideration during this process:

We need to make sure the brands are well adapted to the machine, and that they will fit with the public as well, when we decide to go on the machine we take into consideration those elements and also the capacity of the machine.

What do you think about Yves Guillemot's views on the industry? How do you feel about Ubisoft collaborating with Nintendo? Tell us in the comments section. 

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