You may remember that, just last month, we reported on the story that news was incoming for Splatoon 2 that was set to "shock the world". It's fair to say that the response was an excited one, but still fairly cautious across the board from media and fans alike, and confusion surrounding the supposed future announcement didn't help matters either. It appears that we may have been right to be sceptical, though.

According to JapaneseNintendo, the big reveal is for some new 'Spy' gear which can be used in-game, and the logo from the original tease can be seen in these images. Details on how to get the gear are expected to be revealed in the July issue of CoroCoro magazine which will be available from 15th June.

splatoon 2.png

As we're sure you'll agree, this is a welcome addition to our favourite squid-based shooter but not one that warrants a description of "shocking the world". Originally, the rumours suggested that the shocking news would arrive on 9th June (which is tomorrow) and more details surrounding this Spy gear may still drop at that time. Whether or not more news on the matter will deliver on the "shocking" front is yet to be seen, but hopefully there will be something more to this gear and its accompanying logo.

We know that Splatoon 2 is featuring heavily at E3 next week, and introducing new content around that time could hint at something a little bigger than what we've seen today. Could this just be a tease for the bigger reveal? Who knows...

[source japanesenintendo.com]