Nelke And The Legendary Alchemists

The Atelier series is getting another entry according to the latest issue of Famitsu, in the form of Nelke And The Legendary Alchemists. Currently slated for release in Japan on Nintendo Switch (and various other platforms), the game is more of a spin-off and involves some top-down town-building, with various characters from the Atelier series popping by to check out your crib.

Developer Gust is once again working behind the scenes on this title, and it's looking to bring a vast array of characters from the series' long tenure into the game, and any potential sequels. It's currently slated for a Japan-only release, but plenty of Atelier titles have eventually made it to the West so we wouldn't be surprised to see this one make the transition as well.

Are you a fan of the Atelier series? How does this Animal Crossing-esque spin-off strike you? Is it the kind of game worth importing? Shar your thoughts below...