An archeology-themed puzzle game? With co-op? What fresh hell is this? Well, this is Fossil Hunters, a cute and charming little romp that turns unearthing fossils and constructing dinosaur skeletons into an exercise in platforming and teamwork.

And, best of all, developer Reptoid Games has confirmed the game is getting a port for Nintendo Switch on 28th June. The full game will have 30 hand-crafted levels (no procedural generation here), four different relic hunters to choose from and all manner of secret items and treasure to uncover along the way. It's geared very much towards co-op gameplay, so if you're looking to dust off your Switch for a proper couchplay session, this is one to keep an eye on.

So what do you make of Fossil Hunters? Have you played it on PC already? We want to hear your thoughts below...