Yet another emotionally-driven platform game is being ported across to the Switch, with the developer of Pinstripe announcing via Twitter his game is “about a month” out from release.  

The adventure by Thomas Brush – creator of the award-winning games Coma and Skinny – has you take control of Teddy, an estranged ex-minister who is forced to explore the frozen afterlife in search of his three-year-old daughter Bo, her perverse kidnapper and confront the demonic nemesis, Mr. Pinstripe.

In total, there are six levels of Hell to explore littered with interesting puzzles and bizarre beasts. There’s also voice acting, celebrity cameo performances and an immersive soundtrack by the game’s creator. It took Brush five years to develop and was originally released on PC in 2017 after being successfully funded on Kickstarter.  

Take a look at the original trailer and let us know if this type of game on Switch would interest you.