During yesterday's edition of Nintendo Treehouse: Live, it was revealed that Super Mario Party will feature online play - albeit it with some restrictions.

The online play is presented as a standalone mode called 'Online Mario-thon', in which players will compete in five randomly selected minigames aiming to get the highest total score. It has a similar vibe to the Minigame Decathalon mode first seen way back in Mario Party 5, but with five games instead of ten.

You can compete against friends or players from all around the world in this mode, and there will also be online leaderboards and a ranking system with rewards for joining in the chaos. More details surrounding this aspect should be on the way soon.

Sadly, this does mean that the online functionality will not extend to the full boardgame experience - that large chunk of the fun will be reserved for local play only. It's great to see the Mario Party franchise finally jump into the world of online play, but it's a slight shame that we won't get the full experience. Saying that, though, it would be incredibly frustrating if an opponent decided to rage-quit on the last turn of a long game. Maybe it's for the best?

Do you like what you've seen from Super Mario Party so far? Will you be competing with others online in all your favourite minigames? As ever, let us know with a comment down below.